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It is well known how challenging it is to fold a piece of paper more than seven times - challenging, but not impossible. Strategy and endurance are needed to push the boundaries of what others may consider impossible. We test these limits. We go the extra mile.

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We strive to achieve our client's objectives.

Who We Are

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We deliver specialised communication and integrated marketing solutions.

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We strive to execute projects of exceptional nature in a given budget and time frame. The cornerstone of our daily business activities is meeting the objectives of the client.

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We are inspired by an array of resources that assist us in delivering innovative and non-conforming ideas. Thinking outside the box is something in which we take pride!

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We are a proactive team who understand the importance of deadlines. We are passionate about what we do, injecting that energy into every project undertaken.

What We Offer

We focus on careful planning, controlled development and precise execution. We ensure that projects are handled with the utmost proficiency and care. We like a challenge, which adds to our persistent need to aspire and achieve success.

Communication and marketing.
Social-media management and content creation.

Project management:
Marketing campaigns, exhibitions and events, point-of-sale marketing, in-store promotions.

Brand development and activations:
Corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate identity development (CID), content creation, the execution of creative concepts and design.

Training and mentoring:
Mentoring of entry-level communication and marketing employees.

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Going above and beyond

How We Work

In today's world, it is no longer about only providing products and services. With so much on offer to consumers, the sustainability and success of a business depends largely on how it differentiates itself. The behaviour of a business and how it communicates with its stakeholders are more important than ever.

Optimal communication and constant ethical practices are the foundation of Eightfold’s business relationships. Integrity, honesty, humility and passion are central to our business interactions, contributing to our business culture of precision.

We are organised, flexible, methodical and meticulous. Throughout the process of executing any project, we are constantly mindful of the client’s objectives and evaluate the progress of the project regularly to ensure we are achieving our goals.

With the insights Eightfold has gained from experience, accompanied by market research, we deliver strategies tailored to every client’s specific need.

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The process we follow to develop our strategies and solutions are customized to every client's requirement. However, the basic skeleton of our process remains the same. Our process always starts with the client's objective, established in the initial client meeting.

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Our Team

Marguerite Groenewald

Marguerite Groenewald

At the heart of Eightfold is the founder of the business, Marguerite Groenewald. Her creativity and entrepreneurial skills supported her journey towards becoming the industry expert she is today. Marguerite leads a balanced lifestyle that allows her to nurture her creative ability, fuel her innovative thinking and facilitate her excellent interpersonal skills.

Despite working in a fast-paced industry, Marguerite and her virtual team creatively produce innovative solutions. The business model allows her to work with leaders from an array of industries to efficiently deliver services.

The rest of our team

Our team consists of passionate, proactive and deadline-driven individuals. Together we form a virtual team that delivers an extensive network. The quality of our services is the product of expertise sourced from several specialist fields.


Our broad list of clients is Eightfold’s pride and joy. We gain clients through the age old tradition of word of mouth. In the 21st-century referrals have become the golden ticket to ensuring business sustainability and growth, which is why Eightfold is flourishing in the current economic situation. Our reputation and our dedication to deliver high quality services are the driving forces behind clients requesting to use our services.

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